Streaming Clarity is a streaming service offering subscribers unlimited online access to a continually expanding library of ebooks that provide in-depth alternative analyses of issues.  We seek  to contribute to humanity’s effort to advance towards a better and more equitable world. 

  • Streaming Clarity carries a selection of titles by independent publishers and authors based in the United States and elsewhere. While individual authors or publishers may hold to a specific political orientation, the library as a whole facilitates the expression of a range of views broadly offered as alternative.
  • The library contains hundreds of works aggregated into the following categories:  African Descent, Domestic Issues, Economics/Finance, Europe/Asia, Environment, History, Indigenous, International Law/Law,  Literary, Middle East/Islam, Struggle and War/Imperialism/Intelligence.
  • Streaming Clarity was initiated in 2021 by Clarity Press, Inc. and is presently  under its management. No independent funding for this service has been sought or received.