Streaming Clarity is a streaming service offering subscribers unlimited online access to a continually expanding library of ebooks that provide in-depth alternative analyses of issues.  We seek  to contribute to humanity’s effort to advance towards a safer, more just and equitable world by addressing today’s urgent concerns and countering questionable narratives.

  • Streaming Clarity carries a selection of titles by independent publishers and some of the most respected social critics of our time based in the United States and elsewhere. These include professors (political science, economics, international law), UN special rapporteurs, military experts, journalists and civil society activists, reflecting a diversity of ethnicity and orientation.  Well-known public figures such as former high UN officials (presidents of UN General Assembly, UN Commissioners of Human Rights, UN Special rapporteurs on Torture, Democracy, the Middle East), former government officials, Pulitzer and Nobel Peace Prize winners, and Hollywood and other activist icons have lent their good names to specific titles by way of blurbs, reviews or forewords. 
  • Subscribers can read an unlimited number of ebooks online per month for a single monthly subscription fee.  No downloading.  Cancel anytime
  • Streaming Clarity was initiated in 2021 by Clarity Press, Inc. and is presently  under its management. No independent funding for this service has been sought or received.