This pamphlet tackles the question: how do we get from A to B, capitalism to post-capitalism?

It is critical reading to understand why:

  • Capitalist-oriented industrial agriculture and its destruction of habitat are the upstream causes that led to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other past and future pandemics of devastating, emerging viral pathogens. 
  • COVID-19 may trigger a collapse of the global capitalist system but it is not the cause.
  • Health-care and public-health systems organized around capitalist principles don’t do well in pandemics, compared to those not organized around capitalist principles. 
  • The current economic collapse, triggered by a pandemic, opens a door for revolutionary transformation.


HOWARD WAITZKIN is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of New Mexico and practices internal medicine part-time in rural New Mexico and Illinois. For many years he has been active in struggles focusing on health in the United States and Latin America.