Sensini exposes the falsehoods propagated in 2011 of the alleged “mass graves” and “10,000 deaths”. He takes a close look at the “rebels in Benghazi” – goaded on by Islamic fundamentalists but organised, armed and financed by the West. The “rebels” provided the pretexts that West needed for approval of UN Resolution 1973 – the myth of ‘humanitarian’ intervention as embodied in the so-called responsibility to protect” (R2P) doctrine.  This criminal intervention devastated Libya, unleashing a civil war that is unlikely to stop in the near future.

“Sowing Chaos: Libya in the Wake of Humanitarian Intervention is a superb book.  If you wish to understand the ongoing Libyan tragedy, and learn where responsibility lies, read it.  If the tale it tells doesn’t disgust you, I’d be surprised.”   Prof. Edward Curtin, GlobalResearch


PAOLO SENSINI is a historian and geopolitical expert, whose books incude La rovina antica e la nostra (Aracne, Rome, 2006), Il «dissenso» nella sinistra extraparlamentare italiana dal 1968 al 1977 (Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli, 2010), Libia 2011 (Jaca Book, Milan, 2011) and Divide et Impera. Strategie del caos per il XXI secolo nel Vicino e Medio Oriente (Mimesis, Milan, 2013). Sensini has also curated key works by Bruno Rizzi, Ante Ciliga, Josef Dietzgen and Sergej Mel’gunov for publication in Italian.