“Extensively researched, Understanding Shadows is must reading for those familiar with intelligence agencies and their intrigues.  For the uninitiated, it is a valuable introduction and summary.”—DOUGLAS VALENTINE

“A cogently written, intricately researched, and thought provoking work about the abuses of government secrecy and the dirty work of intelligence agencies.”JAMES DiEUGENIO,  cofounder, Coalition on Political Assassinations

“Current history has its mainstream corporate media to let you know what you should think has been happening, but here – based on extensive documentation and research work – you will learn what is actually behind these major events.” —OLIVIER SCHMIDT, ADI journal, Intelligence, from the Foreword


Michael Quilligan is a Dublin-born journalist, former European correspondent with the Paris-based Association pour de droit a I'information (ADI). Contributor to several Irish and Dutch publications, including BRES (Amsterdam), the Security and Intelligence Research Bureau (OVIB) 1999 book, Operation Homerus: Spying for the BVD and the ADI's The Intelligence Files (Clarity Press, 2005).