Unprecedented Crime first lays out the culpability of governmental, political and religious bodies, corporations, and the media through their failure to report or act on the climate emergency. No emergency response has even been contemplated by wealthy high-emitting national governments. Extreme weather reporting never even hints at the need to address climate change.

“an overwhelming case…”
Dr. JAMES E. HANSEN formerly chief climate scientist at NASA

“…there’s a breathtaking array of technological solutions to the climate crisis outlined in the book…”
CHARLIE SMITH, Georgia Straight


DR. PETER CARTER is founder of the Climate Emergency Institute. He has served as an expert reviewer for the IPCC's fifth climate change assessment in 2014.

ELIZABETH WOODWORTH is highly engaged in climate change science and activism, publishing on Global Research, co-author of Unprecedented Climate Mobilization, and co-producer of the COP21 video “A Climate Revolution For All.” She is author of the popular handbook on nuclear weapons activism, “What Can I Do?