Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam would prove to be the most extensive, influential and durable of African American self-generated organizations.  Combining black cooperative entrepreneurship with indigenous Islam-tinged culture and spirituality, the NOI pursued a collectivist nationalist agenda which sought to advance the black masses’ cause within America or without it.

“Dr. Walker has drawn a portrait of this movement that deserves the attention of scholars.  I strongly recommend it to teachers and students studying or writing about Islam and the African American experience.” DR. SULAYMAN S. NYANG, Howard University

“Dennis Walker deserves praise for this very scholarly and comprehensive work. This is a great study on a great movement, headed by some great people in an important nation." IVORY LYONS, Journal of Intercultural Studies. 2009


DENNIS WALKER is a Celtic Australian specialist on Muslim minorities and author of two books on Islam and the national question. He has taught at Melbourne, Deakin and Australia National University.