From his home in El Salvador where he has lived over four decades, the author shares an intimate personal and political memoir that follows his remarkable journey from the comfort and security of a picturesque New England town to a stirring and heroic engagement in common cause with the struggle for peace and justice in El Salvador.

As the memoir closes, the author reflects on his choice to be in El Salvador over the past 43 years, and the country as he finds it in these changing times; on the family with whom he has shared love and life there; on his continuing relationship with Antonio Rivas and his surviving family; and his gradual reconciliation, from a distance, with the country of his birth.

With a Foreword by Charlie Clements, author Witness to War (Bantam, 1984) and Former Executive Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.


ANDRÉS (DREW) MCKINLEY is a U.S. citizen raised in Hingham, Massachusetts. After four years of teaching school in the jungles of northern Liberia, he spent over forty years in Central America working for a variety of international and local organizations on issues related to human rights, social justice and sustainable development. He has resided in El Salvador since 1980.