A detailed survey of China’s long economic and civilizational history, up to current events, especially vis-à-vis the West, serving as an A-Z reference book on all aspects of Chinese culture, language, art, governance, geopolitics, economy, science, technology, invention, innovation, infrastructure, travel and society, with many personal anecdotal experiences of living and working 16 years with the Chinese people.

The kind of book written by the academics who lived in China for 16 years and went through profoundly deep research on culture and philosophy of Chinese people. It is not a book written by someone who know China a just little bit. Jeff knows China more than most of average Chinese. If you want to know how they elect their leader in Chinese democratic system, read this book. It is a medicine to cure the Western propaganda infested knowledge about China.” Verified Reader

JEFF BROWN graduated from Oklahoma State University and Purdue University and became a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1980. He lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East, China and Europe for the next 21 years–mastered Portuguese, Arabic, French and Mandarin, while traveling to over 85 countries. He then returned to America for nine years, whereupon he moved back to China in 2010. He maintains a popular blog on his website, 44 Days Blog: Reflections in Sinoland – Reporting from the Belly of the New Century Beast. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Beijing.